Thursday 30th May 2024

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your living room can exude a variety of emotions. Your cozy bedroom can set your dreams in motion, even before you lie down and call it a day. Your child’s playroom can be a melting-pot of bedtime stories, cute mischief and soaring ambitions. Your kitchen can stir hunger-pangs in your guests’ stomachs and your prayer room can reflect your spirituality and cultural heritage.

How it works

How to select High Resolution Image/Photo/Artwork

We recommend high resolution images (min 3000px) for sharper and larger images.

Accepted image file size: 40MB and above. For images please visit the following links for high resolution images. | | |

We accept images that are clicked using a camera larger than 8 Mega Pixels.

Uploading Your Image/ Photo/ Artwork

Accepted types of image files: .jpg, .tif, .png, .psd, .psb, .eps, .ai, and .pdf

Please upload your image/photo/artwork on our website using any FREE upload service such as or at

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